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Sweets and bakeries


Personalized gifting brand


Gifting brand


Anime and street clothing brand​


Women fashion brand


Electronic shop

And More 50+ Brands.....

We eliminate the risk for our clients by offering an unbeatable guarantee.

We are a growth-obsessed marketing company that helps eCommerce businesses reach their true potential. We understand all the struggles you went through in getting your business to lift off. Yes, running Facebook Ads will help your business reach new heights. I’ve seen tremendous value from putting in 1 rs and getting 4, 5+ back!

How To Turn Your Ecommerce Site Into A Profit Making Machine

We follow a unique process that begins with strategy and ends with implementation.

step 1


We will run the ads on every platform on social media to drive engagement and sales. this is one of the most important step toward the big brand.


step 2


We will show your E-commerce brand ads on every platform like – Youtube, discovery ads, shopping ads, Facebook and Instagram ads to give you best outcome


step 3


One of the most important strategies that play an important role here that is remarketing we will run your campaign that will retarget your conversation ads audiences who do add to cart, view content, checkout initiated.


Our Some Results

1 Day results

7 Days results

7 Days results

30 Days results

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⚫ Identify challenges and goals: A free ecommerce consultation will help identify the challenges your brand is facing, as well as its goals for growth and profitability.

⚫ Review marketing strategies: The consultation will review your brand's current marketing strategies and identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

⚫ Customized recommendations: Based on the discussion and review, the consultation will provide customized recommendations to help your brand overcome its challenges and achieve its goals, adding value to your brand.


900% more growth in business in just 30 days.


580% more growth in business in just 30 days.


The budget varies based on your business needs and goals. Our team will work with you to determine the best budget for your business.

The time frame for seeing results will vary based on the size and type of your business. On average, our clients start to see results within 1 month of running ads.

Our team takes a multi-step approach to ensure the sales you are getting are consistently  generated. We use data-driven marketing strategies, lead scoring and qualification methods to bring the consistent sales.

Our pricing structure is customized to meet the needs of each business. We offer flexible pricing options that can be adjusted to fit your budget and goals.

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